Where People Are Change in Population Size

Change in population sizes

Visualization and data analysis by Ulf Aslak and Peter Møllgaard.

The figures below show how the number of occupants changed over time across Danish municipalities. You can play with the figures as follows:

  • Change the (rel/abs) button on the top left of the figure to display absolute values or relative changes with respect to February.
  • Display values computed in a specific time of the day by changing the time interval (All day/10-18/18-02) in the top left of the figure.

The first figure shows how the population size evolved across municipalities over time. Each black line corresponds to a different municipality. You can move the mouse over a line to display the corresponding municipality name.

The second figure lets you select individual municipalities from the drop-down menu. The dotted line displays the daily data, the red line shows the average over a window of 7 days and the dashed line displays the value computed in the corresponding weekday during February.

These figures are interactive! You can:

  • Change the municipality displayed using the dropdown menu.
  • Toggle the time window to display results for.
  • Toggle whether the y-axis displays the absolute measurements (rel/abs) or the deviation from the baseline (rel/abs).
  • Hover the curves to see precise values.
  • Hover the marks on the x-axis to see events.